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takenosmap October 19, 2010

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lol. i love smasma this episode. again, a very cute of performance from perfume and smap for the end song [although current format is suppose to be opening song.. my brain still name it as the end song].

then, Judge Talk smap and takeno. i was GYAAAAAA from the beginning till end. crazy lisya being hyper excited. sankyuuuuuuuuuuuu for rewinding takeno’s drama with goro, tsuyoshi and kimura. the moment i’ve been expecting and waiting for so many years! i know staff will present this exclusive stuff. coz it’s rare to see him in bangumi. really love the atmosphere. yasashii. everybody were so gentle, kind and funny to each other. ……

i’m in rushing. will travel to my another house. no internet access there. will update more later, once i return here. for the time being… zehi.

rena’s drama and movies, miho’s drama and movie, nakama’s drama, movie, special and stage play, matsu’s stage play…. wai, so many to folo up!



fresh October 14, 2010

here short fresh updates:

– Nagareboshi press conference done just now 🙂

lol. goro with the mic.
i adore kitano kii more and more after ii tomo last time.
kii-chan and takeno really cute together as brother-sister.

– thanx to goro perhaps. he succeeded to persuade takeno to come to smasma [upcoming 18 october episode] for JUDGE talk corner. and one more time, i’m gonna have smap-takeno moment! this exactly what i dream for a long time. all my men. smap-takeno-sorimachi-b’z. i’m well-prepared for more surprise. yume mitai demo yume janai! shingo did talk about takeno-sorimachi and beach boys. i was choo ureshi last time during shingo-sorimachi moment in SmaStation during their Zaitochi The Last movie. this confirmed me the good old friendship of shingo-sorimachi, same like takeno-goro 🙂

oh, i still remember how shingo-kun was fan-boying takeno when he came to Ii tomo Autum 1999 for Ice World promo. the way how nakai-kun teased takeno in Ii Tomo Autumn SP 2010 was same level like when he did to sorimachi in Ii Tomo Autumn SP 2002. all above happened in AUTUMN, hehe. oh, btw…. several time smap was talking about their wish to act with nanako matsushima. yeah, feels weird too. nana-chan never did any works with smap. none. smap wanna be the male lead . but nanako was suggesting, ‘why don’t we act together with all members … as brothers and sister’. haha. smap was down hearing that. all they want exactly is romance drama movie.

– kanno miho’s drama ‘Guilty Akuma to Keiyakushita Onna’  is broadcasting. 15.4% for the opening episode. not bad, keep it up.

i miss the press conference. but i’m sure it was fun. you can expect that especially with karasawa and miho combi. and i can imagine tamaki just o-he-he or join the club. also the theme song by JUJU!

and don’t forget ya, miho on various mag covers. check it out.

– before i forget, two days ago 12 october, nanako, seung hun and the other casts were having GHOST movie preview. i was surprise that hashimoto satoshi (always work together with matsu in butai) was in this movie too.

and more surprise, ashida mana was in this movie! how come i miss this fact. either the staff spilled this on last minute, or me who wasn’t aware of this. yatta, after matsu…. mana-chan worked with nanako. yosh, i’m positively waiting for mana next jobs… with my other ladies and men. mana as usual was cute there. she was really cute in upcoming NHK Gou series.

emm, thinking of this… nanako-sorimachi’s daughters must be cute too, na. more news in magazines of her for the month of october and november. i’ll check those for sure.


rabumessage January 18, 2010

[Four] 18 jan 2010
matsu now in her roadshow of concert tour. 20 songs + 7 MCs + 1 encore.
the final song is a new untitled/unreleased song.

SmaStation for second time aired “Smap 2010 Gambarimasu Chan To Shi Nai To Ne” . this time, all members got another tough challenges to do. shingo lived as Jomon people [Japanese Pre-History Era.. the era after paleolithic-mesolithic-neolithic]. goro’s task was to get 100 points for karouke singing within 24 hours. nakai as the survivor had to invade military within 12 hours. kimura had to totally change his diet for 3 days which required him to eat tomatoes only. tsuyoshi had to test his athletic skills/stamina – ran up to 50 hills.  i’m having fun watching the whole show.. after frustrated with SmaSma 4.5 Hours Special last time.

[Four] 15 jan 2010
after Kyumei Byoto drama last year, nanako matsushima changed her hairstyle much shorter. but she’s cute – really looks fresh.

i love this year nintendo wii fit commercials.. especially the checkered shirt!

amami yuki also did her her new commercial of Suntory Dakara soft drink.. with usual appearance of the Extra Brothers. she also will come up with new AEON English commercial soon.

otaka matsu really lovely in latest Yamazaki bread’s commercials.. blue and pink. really reminds me of otaku. matsu will going to endorsed Kirin soon.

meanwhile arisa did new ‘4-months free kimono dressing class’ campaign for wasao. i like the commercials.. arisa really feminine.. [sigh] how i wish arisa will be in Flowers Tsubaki movie.


[Three] 13 jan 2010
log in internet – i already overwhelmed with news of upcoming FLOWERS TSUBAKI movie. since end year last time, my friends and i kept tsubaki tsubaki here and there. frankly, i was soooooo sad when rena wasn’t in tsubaki commercials 2009. coz i’m root for yukie & rena combi. in 2008 and 2006, rena tanaka and nakama yukie were always next to each other.

for this movie, rena and yukie will be sisters with yuko takeuchi as the oldest one. from synopsis given, rena tanaka as midori will be in summer 1955 while nakama yukie as sato will be in autumn 1975.

midori as career-minded woman. but when her boyfriend proposed, she needs to choose between career or marriage. sato as a mother and wife who’s pregnant with second child, because of her weak body.. she’s probably couldn’t deliver the baby safely.

there are other casts which are my favorite – aoi yu, suzuki kyoka, ryoko hirosue. in general, this FLOWERS movie is about six stories of six women which are related by bloodline.

i’m so sad arisa didn’t join the list of cast.. but at least we want SMAP too in this project.. onegaishimasu~
[Two] 11 jan 2010

o-ha! o-zaimasu…  it’s already morning!
let’s back to the past. last night, i was clearing part of my recycle bin…
i restored, recycled and did some touch-up to some of low quality caps.
this was taken from Ii Tomo Autumn Special 2009.

Amami Yuki won the highest point for palm reading.. her career, health and personal life are considered perfect.. na, what about future love 🙂 but for face-reading, Fumo Chitai team chose the wrong answer which cause the game ended so quickly. amami was so cute at the back. to see more caps of Amami Yuki, Fumo Chitai and Tokyo DOGS team with Nakai-kun…
go to Refreshment Hall

i also upload new two fan videos..
gomen, no preview.. i dunno why my youtube uploader was sucked since the end of last year. to download smap ladies mori b’z.. go to Click Me Shoot Me

[One] 5 jan 2010
domo. just drop by.
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 everyone!

i’m still around, watching, reading and tracking all my all-stars.
[so many end year-early year videos i need to watch, phew]

since past week, i opened those my big boxes at the back of my room. and checked all my old dramas VCD/DVDs. one by one. bit worried as some already scratched and unreadable due to excessive using [i’m drama/movie maniac after all]. and most of that old stuff are not available on shelf anymore. uwaa, my treasure .. doshio kana XD

i already start video-making again after half of year hiatus. on new year’s night, i did mv for mori-kun and smap and ladies. and from the list i jot down yesterday.. 18 more videos need to do. lol, take it lisya. how am gonna do that with my hectic life-schedule. …. yosh, gambarimasu!

also NakaNaka’s relationship already shifted another level. really fun. seems they already comfortable with each other. NakaNaka already came up to the same level of KimuMatsu, ne. people would talk just if they’re a part of each other.

i hope matsu already finished filming her Confession movie. she’s preparing for her concert tour now. and she gonna do a stage play .. “My Two Husbands and My Situation”. hekhek, what a title. omoshiroi na.

kimura’s Yamato Space Battleship trailer already released. kakkoii! after ignored his previous movies [2046 and I Come with the Rain] .. i’m really looking forward to this movie. Reason [1] Yamato is his favorite anime [2] i love all the casts.

… on the other hands, kimura was already turned down Mr Brain movie [rumor]. yokatta ne, he should! ^^ because i know he’s waiting for someone-something. already waiting for too long! they already promised each other, deshou. as expected, that’s so kimura anyway. he doesn’t like sequel. not even special episode.

the only he did was LoveGene SP, HERO SP, HERO movie…. and yes, those with matsu. even special drama tanpatsu Chuushingura 1/47 also got matsu [his most memorable scene]. huu, that’s the power of taku-taka-together!

now help us God. gimme back Josai. gimme back kuryu-amamiya. gimme back HERO. oh, we want HERO 2.


sankyu twelve December 26, 2009

– i miss so much with ShinGoro

– and i miss suki-kirai-suki pairs .. TsuTaku and NakaiShinGoro

– i haven’t track smap for almost half of year, so when i try.. suddenly i miss mori-kun .. and i check the latest of him. mori-kun, hontou ni kakkoii yo! he still super idol of autorace ^^

– because of mori, i rewind back all SMAP SIX.

– because of rena and arisa’s news, i’ve mood to smap softbank

end year magazine photos – for TsuTaku and Nakai-Shin-Goro pair photos

Sanma Smap’09 – for Sekai and Dear Women songs…
[smap-matsu’03 and smap-tsubaki ladies]

Smap Softbank
– for putting Sekai song for Xmas Roof Top and putting ShinGoro together at the back.
– for NY Night, i could see a glimpse of Phantom of Opera bilboard — remind me of  B’z Love Phantom and SmaTour’08 theme [and my kimumatsu fanvideo as well].

IiTomo Xmas Special

–> for Shingo wearing blue white costume .. color of Goro Chef — the power of ShinGoro!

–> for Tsuyoshi won the palm reading and Shingo at the back quietly kept bowing proudly on behalf of Tsu. — remind me how great the relationship of Tsu-Rena-Shingo.

–> having Bakusho Mondai and Tokui — remind me of TsuRena

—> Tsu did monomane as Kasuga [Audrey] — remind me of Miho who is a big fan of Kasuga-san

–> that pink clothes of kasuga audrey — remind me of pink nakai with nakama at kouhaku press and meeting last year.

Stop The SMAP radio
– for shingo mentioned arisa’s name again!
if nakanaka’s diary in SGS radio and kimumatsu’s diary in WUS radio… shinarisa’s diary and tsurena’s diary would be in STS radio.

oh STS also got shinyuko or shinyuuka or shiniijima [haha, shingo always mentioned so many women’s name… but miho and arisa will forever remains smap childhood friends and rena as his good buddy].

Kouhaku 2009

– for NakaNaka again.. together with children kouhaku segment [Nozomi Ponyo singer as Red Captain and Kato Seishiro Ninkyo Helper’s boy as White Captain].

if nakama holding nozomi’s hamd and nakai holding kato’s hand .. it’ll be like a family portrait  —-> remind me of takeno-amami [otosan-okasan] and their BOSS kids photo shoot last time.

– last year Koshiro-san was the jury… this year, Ryo-san [Shingo] appointed as the jury for children —> remind me how good koshiro and shingo .. shingo always took kimura as brother, and matsu as sister[in-law]. koshiro-san must be proud shingo already fulfilled his promise to do musical/butai.

basically koshiro-san is a big fan of smap x smap. besides P-chan, he also followed shingo’s bistro oishii reaction. still remember koshiro-san was really happy when shingo did a great job for short kabuki skit as part of the reaction, when koshiro came as a guest for the third time in year 2005.

Tak Matsumoto’s Favorite 2009 Album
– he listed 5 favorite 2009 albums, one of them is Superfly – Box of Emotion album. which included ‘Alright!’ and ‘My Best of My Life’ tracks … those are BOSS theme songs deshou! yatta, at last something connected between b’z and takenoamami!

i wonder if he also watched the drama .. haha, imagined Tak Boss watched BOSS. now, who’s the boss? lol. to me from my own view, tak matsumoto and nakai-kun got some similar traits ..  they’re 1001 faces, a leader aka mob boss. talking are their hobby. very cheerful guys. although sometimes we could see tak and nakai less of words or smile shyly. thanks to our LEADERS tak and nakai, b’z and smap stay strong!


kouhaku2009 December 17, 2009

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countdown for 60th Kouhaku 2009. the return of NakaNaka as Hosts.
hehe, i was laughing to Five’s imagination story. sugoii yo.

nakai-kun, sudeni kanojo no denwa bango wo tazune ta?
lorr.. HAYAKU!!


i was happy knowing nakai-kun mentioning nakama in SGS radio show on last 28.11.2009. and i’m crazily crack here.

so phone number or email address already became old issue, na. the most current point here is .. “she likes me too, right? she must be.. or else she wouldn’t want to do this with me again, rite.” sou da yo, it’s already third time for NakaNaka co-hosting Kouhaku together. and everybody seems looking forward to the show. it’s 60th Kouhaku. i hope this is not the final show for NHK channel. coz i wanna see NakaNaka more.

at least it’s the best cure for me who can’t see goromiho, tsurena, shinarisa at this moment. on the other hands, i still can watch kimumatsu as their dramas and movie are still re-runs by FujiTV and people from variety will still mentioning them time to time.


2010 SMAP gonna be 22 Years. same like B’z.
it’s been months i haven’t catch up with smappu.
while i was tracking back them for few minutes… suddenly..
suddenly i miss Mori-kun.

i changed my mind. decided to turn back time to SMAP SIX.
mori-kun is important to me. finding him means finding back smap childhood memory.. and that would include my skool time memory. their old songs always cherish me no matter what. and old smasma series were better than nowadays right. a treasure. this will always keep in my treasure.

mori-kun, in whatever you do.. ganbatte ne! good luck for your autorace. thnx for keep in touch .. take a good care of the other members, yoroshiku-ne.


oxygen November 3, 2009

oh no.. i can’t breath. could someone bring me more oxygen tank. [laugh]. after one, came another one. non-stop. so many happy news flying around.oh my,  i’m dying in this kind of sweetness.

it’s november now. i’m waiting to buy the latest full album of B’z Magic and Matsu Takako Time For Music.

and i can’t wait for Slash [Guns N’ Roses] solo album which featured Koshi Inaba B’z in SAHARA song. haha, i love Slash. and i’m so happy. among all the vocalists in this world, he choose Inaba-san.

weeks ago, i received B’z single album “My Lonely Town” and Matsu Takako single album “Kimi to Nara”. love it, love it, love it!! the arrangement of music and the lyrics.

and i love My Lonely Town PV. such a great idea by choosing Hashima Island [well-known as Battleship Island] as the background. somehow this reminds me of nakanaka’s Watashi wa Kai ni Naritai theme PV [by Mr Children].

oh, talking about Battleship.. kimura now filming a new movie Space Battleship Yamato –  a live action of Japanese science-fiction anime “Uchuu Senkan Yamato” – one of his favorite anime. the casts consist many my favorite stars!

and kimi to nara? haha, another bold message from otaka to otaku. matsu was so cute during the recording at Bellflower, Los Angeles. another thing, i was surprised that i really like the cover song of 500 Miles. i didn’t like the original english folk song, but the japanese version was really good.. thanx to otaka’s sweet voice. oh, Imawano was the one who did translated the song into japanese. and to me, the lyric of 500 Miles is a part of her message too. 500 Miles – Hedy West song really reminds me of SxS ~ Most Wanted 5 Women.. the first guest: ishihara mariko …. the part of shinkansen station.. and “yappari, she’s my soul mate” conversation – the part which suddenly kimura gave a BIG interest. hikhik.

the effect? the impact?!
i had a miraculous night dream.. where B’z and SMAP were singing “Ichibu to Zenbu” in front of me. haha. it was a great collaboration. with perfect sounds and best choreography.  somehow it’s looks like a mini concert to me. yeah, it’s just a dream. but i’m already satisfied.

and kimumatsu hyper mode suddenly hit me again. which turned myself to re-run LongVac, LoveGene, HERO, HERO Movie and all SmaSma Matsu guest in 2 days in a row! seriously, my heart was soaked with 1001 mixed-feelings. and my brain couldn’t recognized the definition of happiness and sadness. so what should i name this emotion? once in a blue moon mood?

recently, latest ANAN magazine released… it’s SMAP. talking about the signs of love from them to women… and the signs of love they catch from those women. Ararara~ reading that, one by one… how should i say.. it’s like their love confession to the ladies. that ladies aka my ladies aka their ladies. and the most obvious one is TsuRena. [giggling, squealing, almost screaming inside]. i’m so happy. strong confirmation that my sense and hypothesis are significant and relevant. lol. i become TsuRena fandom since the poster of Ryokiteki na Kanojo released. before the news and trailer or whatever stuff shown up. before the drama on-aired. imagine.. just looking to the poster, i could sense the rabu rabu white smoke around them. after Ninkyo Helper and Ballad and Haken no Oscar… tsurena is still there.

in SmaStation, in Tsuki Ichi Goro corner, goro gave his comment by saying matsu was wonderful and the most beautiful in Villon’s Wife movie. huhu, i really like to hear what goro would say about kanno miho’s upcoming ‘Permanent Wild Rose’ movie, next year.

i should say i was happy with matsu Jane Eyre musical play and Villon’s Wife movie. i think i already mentioned those many times at many places. i’ve heard another rumor last May, but now.. it’s official:

Matsu in another great movie KOKUHAKU (Confession) – based on the famous mystery novel by Minato Kanae.
Matsu will play the leading role, a junior highschool teacher [single unmarried mother] whose daughter died at the school’s pool while waiting for her finishing her work. Somehow she believe that her daughter has been murdered by two of her students. For that she quit her job and promise that she will reveal the murderers. This best-selling year 2008 novel already received many awards.

okada masaki and kimura yoshino are among the co-stars. this movie is directed by Nakashima Tetsuya who worked with SMAP many times. nakashima also did PVs for matsu Minna Hitori and smap Sotto Kyutto too, ya’know.  hikhik, is this another coincidence?

now, i’m dokidoki waiting this mid-November…
emm, what else.. 2009 NHK Kouhaku Uta-Gassen hosts..
my vote card still for NakaNaka [NAKAi masahiro x NAKAma yukie].


moment October 12, 2009

i’m cleaning my caps files…
lol, no wonder my notebook became slow… what a big file…
almost 1 year i didn’t organize those.

so who to start with…?
since baitong asked about nanako.. here for her.

nanako matsushima and yusuke santamaria came to Bistro SMAP on 29 June 2009.. for promoting Kyumei Byoto Season 4.
if not mistaken, that was third times she came to Bistro. really really enjoy this episode. i can’t stop smiling and laughing. feels warm. it’s like meeting old friends again.

the entrance part was funny. yusuke walked in..
“here i come!!… nana-chan”, he signaled her..
“haaaaaaait..”, she answered..
tak tak tak tak, in small run.. she came in. [aaa, so cute ^^].

nanako brought some ingredients/food seasonings for everyone to taste with carrot, cucumber, daikon, hard-boiled egg etc. i love the interaction of nana-yusuke-kimura.. they joked around. yusuke talked almost non-stop.. asked her a lot, teased her a lot. and treat this lady so well. also when nakai was not-so-sure, after knowing yusuke’s role as a genius doctor… nanako gave her back-up.. saying yusuke was really great doing the filming.



when i watched this lovely nanako-sorimachi:


reminds me of this takeno-amami.. hehe 😀



so obvious this rabu rabu smoke. i love seeing this combi’s LIVE reaction in Mezamashi News. when it came to takeno, amami was suddenly paying attention to the VTR, nervously excited to hear comment from him. and takeno.. kept o-hehehe, pause, o-hehehe again… Well, honestly it’s rare to see him saying something personal about his co-star. ~how cute amami, how fun amami… emm, alright. let see what’s next.


Thnx God, in Fumo Chitai drama… takeno-amami gonna have a thing! ^^